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Take time to think where you were on Sept 11, 2001. Do you remember why this day is important to all of us? It is imperative that we remember. It must never happen again.

I was in the post office parking lot and they called to me from the Chronicle office to come over quickly because the World Trade Center had been blown up. Then it was reported that the Pentagon was also under fire and terrorists had caused a plane crash near Somerset, Pa. The attacks were being shown on television as they happened. This kind of coverage had never happened in former wars. I did not like it. I was scared and thought, “This is not happening in my United States. Let me wake up now.”

But it was real. It was as if we had been assaulted in our own homes. The impossible had happened. Our world and our country would never be the same. We were angry because we were afraid. We were angry because we were no longer safe.

The reaction of the American people was miraculous. We banded together to grieve as a nation. We wanted to help the families who had their dreams and hopes shattered. We wanted to go to New York with the Red Cross. We wanted to adopt children left without parents.

What did we do? We went to prayer vigils, we listened to services on television, our President and Congress led us in prayer, we were one. We snatched at any words of comfort and we turned to God. We were told in our church services, “Nothing, absolutely nothing, will separate God from us. Even the disciples were afraid in the storm, and were told, ‘Be not afraid, God will not abandon us’.”

 The following poem seemed to have a special meaning for me on the anniversary of the day our nation’s heart was breaking.

Those of us who remember, write our memory down of this day. We must make sure our children are not allowed to forget the day our Nation’s heart was breaking.

Let us sing for unsung heroes, those who answer freedom’s call,

Those united by one purpose, all for one and one for all.

We will sing and not be silenced, We will keep our voices strong,

For as long as we keep song, Freedom’s cry will still live on.

Sing a song for unsung heroes, Sing from sea to shining sea.

As the faithful sang before you, Sing the Song of Liberty.

                                                                       --Author unknown


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