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I want to tell you about my experience this morning that charged my Christmas attitude! And I do really mean charged, not changed.

I went to church and the first person I saw was faithful Eloise Divers and her companion, slowly coming up the walk. Next, the greeter had a cheerful red blouse and a smile. I was overwhelmed by the calm feeling and quiet talk before the service. It was like coming home to see some of my favorite seat companions already in place. Several families who sit near me have three generations in the church and all take an active part. There were also some new-comers of the past year that are now part of the church family.

Then I saw something that made me wish for my camera.
A young mother was holding her son over her shoulder so his face was visible. He was looking at something in the top of the church. His face and eyes were bright. It was really a Christmas card moment. But the next happening brought tears to my eyes. His grandfather, an usher, was returning to the pew and the child held out his hands to him and almost jumped into his arms. It was a living reminder of trust.

Next, I noticed the diversity of the congregation. There were children, teenage girls actually dressed in suits, young college students with ties. Many times, I see them there in jeans and shorts. Older folks who never give in to their aches and pains, like Eulanee Hathaway. Many of the business people of our town were partici-pating. There were at least 18 occupations and professions that were represented. There were people who live in Calhoun County, but drive to work in other areas. We also have the quiet people who are the attentive audience. Any choir person will tell us that it is much more rewarding with an audience.

Then the program started and the amazement continued. A teenager, Brianna Blankenship, played “O Come, All Ye Faithful” on her trumpet. She was poised and confident. Next was the REAL Christmas Story read by a real grandfather, Shirley Fitzwater, sitting in a rocking chair with the small children around him on the floor. This was the real thing, not acting!

Michael Bonar, a young career man, had come home to play the piano for the singers. Stephanie Skedel, an elementary student, sang “What Child is This?” accompanied on the guitar by Larry Springston. Amber Gannoe, another college student, sang a folk type song, “O Mary Did You Know,” which asks Mary if she knew beforehand about giving birth to a son that would rule the world. I was looking for tissues again.

About this time, there was a glitch in the sound system and strange things were happening. We all forgot the tissues and enjoyed the consternation of the choir and laughed with them.

We did settle down again as John Oshoway sang “O Holy Night,” not just from his heart, but his whole being. I looked to see if the roof was being raised.

The program ended with the singing of these words: “He started the whole world singing a song. The words and the music were there all along!” What the song had to say was that love found a way to start the world singing a song.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas and New Year, joining in the singing of the song of Love.

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