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“Clean up, clean up, everybody do your part; clean up, clean up, everybody do your part.”

My grandchildren have been taught to sing this song as they help with the picking up of toys, trash or cleaning. This is what the big green and purple dinosaur has taught them. Whenever they are reminded to “clean up” this is what we hear.

When I started home last night after the town council meeting, I saw a citizen of Grantsville who was mowing the traffic island at the bottom of Town Hill. I went over to talk to him and take his picture. He said he did not want his name in the paper, he was doing it because he wanted to do it. After leaving him, I talked to another person who mentioned that she picked up trash while taking her daily walk. I also noticed some homes with nice flower gardens and clean lawns that display the pride they take in their home and town. There is a retired gentleman who donates his service and equipment to help out in an emergency, such as the completion of the work at Wayne Underwood field.

The town meeting had several observers last night and many questions. Is there a town ordinance for a curfew? If not, why not pass one? We hear about break ins, property destroyed, drug deals, buildings in dangerous condition, and skateboarders on the side-walks. Ordinances can be passed to make it legal for law enforce-ment to do something. We heard about water equipment that will have to be replaced, but also about leaks in lines that not only make our streets dangerous, but raise our rates.

We do appreciate the mayor and town council. It is a struggle each year to find people who are willing to do this job. But they need our backing and insistence on keeping within the law. Citi-zens who came to last night’s meeting had criticisms, but also helpful suggestions. The mayor said that these need to be put in writing, signed, dated, and turned in to him. They should be brief. This would give the council an opportunity to have a check list of accomplishments, as the situations are addressed.

These are all problems that are faced by many small towns and counties, especially those with limited income. Some grants and funds are available, but to apply for these, we must show that we care enough to help ourselves and to take care of what we have.

Are we willing to do our part in cleaning up of the town? Even though I am not a resident of the town, I care. I will do my part, by attending town meetings, following town laws, and keeping my place of business cared for. Yes, I will pull the weeds in the flower containers in front of our building even though they are on town property!

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