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It is 7:00 on Tuesday morning. My column deadline was yesterday afternoon at 4:00. I could not this week bring myself to write about a topic other than saving the high school. I have seen Calhoun County people work together this past year on many successful projects, such as the Wood Festival, ramp dinners, Relay for Life, Wayne Underwood Park, Molasses Festival, Health Fair, etc.

I do not understand much about eBay, but I do understand that part of Calhoun County may be torn down to a pile of our Calhoun native stone, loaded on trucks and shipped out over our Calhoun hills, possibly to a place as far away as California where people will not understand that lives were given in acquiring the stone in the beginning.


The high school was a symbol of hope at a low time in our country’s history. This was the Depression. There were no jobs, people were unemployed or working away from home. But two programs were possible that gave hope and training and promise of education to the people: the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and NYA (National Youth Administration). Many people in our county, not just Grantsville, but Calhoun County, received job skills training that would allow them to have productive and successful businesses later in life.

I am sure that many of you are like me. We think that “someone else” will do something.

I now know that “someone else” has to include “me.” I woke up this morning thinking of the Wayne Underwood Park located across from a pile of rubble instead of a majestic symbol of our Calhoun strength and pride.

When the time comes that counties will be combined, will we sit back and think, “Calhoun County is not worth saving,” or will we step out and say, “I care! Let me know how I can help.” I am stepping out to say, I CARE, not because I am a Morris, but because I care about Calhoun County. We cannot be silent, that is a “NO” vote to quiet apathy!

Read the letter from Frank Unger included in this week’s issue--every word of it! He is giving us suggestions on how to help. Send your messages of support for Hagan Richards. We may not be too late.

We will keep a box at the Chronicle office to collect messages for Hagan. These can be emailed, postal service or drop them at the office.

Email address:; postal service: P.O. Box 400, Grantsville, WV 26147.

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