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Emily is home!

Some of you know that our granddaughter, Emily Rhodes, was injured in a bike accident on Sunday, June 13. Sarah and the three girls were riding bikes when Emily lost control and crashed. She was unconscious when Sarah reached her. There were only a few scratches, but after a trip to the emergency room, she was admitted for further tests.

Monday morning’s tests showed that she had internal bleeding. During surgery, it was discovered that her liver was lacerated. This was repaired and a week of ups and downs followed. Pneumonia was the next problem. She was a real determined young lady, and walked, sat, breathed and survived painful procedures, even taking “horse pills.” Todd, her dad, learned a few nursing skills while on the night shift. Emily fulfilled his Father’s Day wish when she smiled and showed great improvement. He had been persistent in walking the halls with her, and helping her set progressive goals. Sarah had the day shift, but was backed by her army of multi-talented friends in nursing. The physician and staff were most caring. The ER doctor asked permission to pray for her.

God was beside her the whole week! Prayer was going on in every state of the Union and even in Europe. Of course, there were days with discouragement, but God would provide a blessing, a little at a time, in His own time.

Now to the people of Calhoun County! You were such good friends by providing prayer and love. One senior citizen even offered the ultimate gift--her own blood! She has a rare type and said if that was Emily’s type, she was available.

Emily says she loves Calhoun County and the people. I agree!

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