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Wood Festival is over for another year!

This year’s Wood Festival committee was made up mostly of people from outside the town of Grantsville and they worked very well together. The “younger” generation involved is making the event truly a Calhoun County Wood Festival. As each event took place, we heard of their unofficial evaluation and plans for the future. There were more activities this year that held interest for a wide variety of participants.

Booths were sponsored for the benefit of many causes. One church donated all its booth proceeds to the Grantsville Town Hall committee’s fund. Several church booths benefited the Relay for Life of the American Cancer Society. The Historical Society’s proceeds will be used for the benefit of the Historic Village at Calhoun County Park. Other groups raising funds included the fire department, middle school boosters, humane society, and band boosters. Lions Club proceeds will go back into community projects. Even the Wood Festival Committee events will benefit next year’s activities.

Calhoun County needs a brochure to publicize the positives of Calhoun County now. Our festivals, parks and unique events need to be recognized and promoted. We understand that the economic development director for Calhoun County is working on such a brochure which can be used by any group attending meetings and gatherings outside of the county. For example, the Calhoun Belle for this year’s Folk Festival has requested this information to distribute to the other 54 belles at the gathering.

The Wood Festival Committee has demonstrated what hard work and cooperation will achieve. Let us build on their successes and spread our Calhoun Pride.

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