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In the days of sailing ships, all vessels were at the mercy of the winds. Sometimes the winds were so strong that the ships were destroyed; other times, the winds were completely calm and ships were unable to move for days or even weeks. This could prove disastrous when supplies ran low, especially the supply of fresh water.

One ship was becalmed off the coast of South America, and unless help came soon, it was certain the crew would all die of thirst. Finally in the distance they saw a ship and frantically signaled, “Water! Water!” The ship signaled back, “Let down your buckets.” Although they couldn’t see land, they were near the mouth of the mighty Amazon River, which pours fresh water into the ocean for hundreds of miles.

Fresh water in the ocean? Impossible. There was no way it could be true, but it was!

Giving the impossible a chance---isn’t that called FAITH?

These words were written by Lee Webber.

Our town council, Delegate Bill Stemple, senators Edgell and Kessler have faith in our county and give us the opportunity to turn the impossible into reality! We need to use the opportunities for our county.

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