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It is the time of year to choose a new calendar!

I have several different styles on the desk in front of me. There are calendars with American scenes, West Virginia scenes, health care information, almanac information, magnetic, small billfold size, and computer generated calendars with personalized information. These are only a few of the free ones sent out by businesses.

Small shops in malls devote their entire space to calendars of many subjects. Then there are strictly functional types: shirt pocket size for men, purse size for women and the bulky notebook type for really organized individuals.

The calendar as we know it was developed in 1580 by Pope Gregory XIII. There is much interesting information about calendars on web sites and in encyclopedias. Did you know that there are 97 leap years every 400 years? This is only a beginning. I will go back and read it all later.

Understand it all? No, but I am interested!
Einstein said, “Time as we know it is an invention. Space and time are ways by which we think, not conditions by which we live.

As I look at calendars from previous years, I remember thinking, “How could we function without a calendar? We were so organized.” Then I review last year’s calendar and marvel at the activities that were noted even at my age and for only one person. It also brings back memories of visits with friends, and visits from or to grandchildren. It also shows sad things, like the death of a nephew, and a dear friend’s moving date.

A calendar from each year is a family history tool. A calendar of 1974 shows many dates marked with reminders of Scout activities, church activities, and school activities, such as ball games, Follies performances and PTA meetings. It also is a record of family health because I recorded orthodontist appointments for my family, physician appointments, hospital stays and the reasons for these.

My dad and my husband were calendar men. It was the last item taken out of their pockets at night and put back in the morning. A son even kept his on a night stand by the bed, so he would be able to write down something that came to him during the night.

A new blank calendar is a reminder that each day is a gift from God. Let us ask Him to guide us in the use of this tool.

Remember that each day can be your last day on earth or the first day of the rest of your life.

I wish you a blessed new year of 2005!
We wish you all the peace that can be possible.

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