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I spent some of the holiday weekend at Canaan Valley with part of my family. We attended the outdoor concert of the Wheeling Symphony at the ski area, watched the fireworks and enjoyed the cooler weather.

On Sunday morning, as usual, we were at the Vacation Ministry worship service at Blackwater Falls State Park. It is the established custom that everyone introduce themselves. At my turn, I said, “Helen Morris from Calhoun County.” The lady in front of me whispered, “I’m from Calhoun County too!” We were whispering back and forth, but I could only mostly see her back.

After the service, I saw her face and she said that she was Otho and Leah Sturm’s daughter, Debbie. She and her husband, Graham Living, a native of England, were married at Blackwater Falls in April of this year. Her sister, Carolyn Sturm Hatfield, is a former student, and their sister, Joanne, is married to Eugene Gherke. All three sisters live in the same area of Delaware.

I am proud of Debbie! She still has a mountaineer’s heart and is gradually instilling a love of the mountains in her new husband.

Later, we were driving around and saw Richard Wolfe, a Calhoun graduate. He and his wife, Martha Wilson, also a Calhoun alumni, relocated to Canaan Valley 12 years ago. We had a mini-reunion right there!

How special to find old friends in new places.

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