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Science Made Simple
by TaLonne Mefford


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Introduction & Why Is Sky Blue?
Why Do Leaves Change Color &
Does Cold Weather Cause A Cold
How Do Batteries Work & How Does A Boat Float
How Do Vaccines Work &
Why Do Onions Make You Cry
Why does orange juice taste so bad after brushing your teeth & Why is the Moon so covered with craters
What is thunder and lightning? What causes our seasons?
How does snow form? What causes fog?
How do lightning bugs light up? Why do deer shed their antlers?
How do ears work? Why do ears pop?
Green Bank Trip
How does a refrigerator work?
How do I hiccup? What happens when I sneeze?
What makes popcorn pop? Why does Swiss cheese have holes in it?
How do the eyes work? Why do some people need glasses?
How does an airplane fly? How does a microwave cook food?
How do birds fly?
What makes an organism an animal?
What causes brain freeze?
What’s an atom?
States of Matter
What Causes A Mirage?
Microwaves Revisited
Physics and Snow Tubing
What is temperature?
Where do seashells come from?
Can you hear the ocean when you hold a seashell to your ear?
Science Terms
How do a scientific law and scientific theory compare?
How do magnets work?
How does a compass work?
Return to Green Bank - Part 1
Return to Green Bank - Part 2
How does a seed become a fruit?
What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?
Why do we sleep?
How do cuts and scratches heal?
Tornado Science
How do the tides work?
Life Made Simple
Viruses and Bacteria Made Simple

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