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PUBLIC NOTICE -- The Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff’s Dept. is accepting applications for the position of Deputy Sheriff of Calhoun County. Applicants must submit their resume to the Calhoun County Clerk before July 7, 2017, at 3:00 p.m. Applicants will be required to pass a physical agility test, which will be scheduled at a later date. Applicants who pass the agility test will be required to take the Civil Service Examination. If you have any questions, contact the Clerk’s Office at 354-6725.

Jean Simers, Clerk
Calhoun County

CLAY Health Care Center, located in Big Otter, W.Va., is now accepting applications for the following positions: RN (full- or part-time) and Certified Nursing Assistants. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package for full-time employees, including paid vacation, personal days, and paid holidays. Interested applicants may contact the facility at 304-286-4204 or stop by to complete an application. 2tc/6/8-15



FOR SALE -- 14-foot Radisson canoe, $400. 304-354-7397 after 6 p.m.           1tp/6/22



FOR SALE -- 1926 Touring Model T; 1931 Model A Deluxe Roadster truck, 1948 Ford Super Deluxe coupe. Show condition, 304-586-3787 after 3 p.m.       swc



$12,000,000/Yearly Contract Wanted -- Assembling 100,000 wooden toys per week, for toy factory. Factory pay to: E.J. King, 4167 Yellow Creek Road, Big Bend, WV 26136.    7/6



IF YOU NEED your lawn cut, weed eating, hillside cut, pressure washing, painting, barn or shed cleaned out, scrap metal removal, mobile home demolition, or free removal of old barns, call Mike at 304-462-8695. 8tp/5/11-6/29

TREE Cutting, trimming, clearing -- Call for a free quote on residential and commercial tree services provided by certified timber cutters that are licensed and insured professionals with 20 years climbing experience. Contact R/T Natural Resources, LLC, at 304-462-5777, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.              4tc/6/16-7/7rtn

RICHARDS Paving. Driveways, parking lots, patchwork, seal coating. Free estimates. Work guaranteed. Licensed and insured. Senior and veteran discounts. Phone 304-623-1553.        1/8/rtn

 HANDYMAN -- Electric, plumbing, home repair. Call Rick at 275-4399.        3/12/rtn



OUR SPORTSMEN will pay top $$$ to hunt your land. Call for a Free Base Camp Leasing info packet and quote. 1-866-309-1507,            swc





SOCIAL Security Disability Benefits. Unable to work? Denied benefits? We can help! Win or pay nothing! Contact Bill Gordon & Associates at 1-800-912-3915 to start your application today!   swc

LOOKING to reach individuals interested in purchasing a Life Alert device for themselves or their loved ones. 800-613-0849.                                  swc


HANDS On The River Massage, Geraldine Gardner, LMT, 3422 Pennsylvania Ave., Charleston, W.Va. Call 304-541-9139 for an appointment.              swc


GOT Knee Pain? Back pain? Shoulder pain? Get a pain-relieving brace--little or no cost to you. Medicare patients call Health Hotline now, 1-800-758-1595. swc


STOP overpaying for your prescriptions! Save up to 93%! Call our licensed Canadian and international pharmacy service to compare prices and get $15 off your first prescription and free shipping, 1-800-912-5083.  swc

ATTENTION -- Viagra and Cialis users! A cheaper alternative to high drugstore prices. 50 Pill Special - $99. Free shipping. 100 percent guaranteed. Call now, 1-800-939-8334.         swc



NO TRESPASSING, hunting, timbering/logging, gas/oil drilling, right of way agreements. No removal of any personal property or equipment. You must have written permission from all property owners signed in person before a legal state notary. No verbal agreements apply. Violators will be prosecuted. Any and all property owned by Masiarczyk family members, including Linda Camp (formerly Linda Masiarczyk). District 05-Sherman, Buffalo Rock Apartments, Homestead, adjoining properties or owned by.

                                                        Linda Camp



SCAM Targets Small Businesses, by Chatter Media. Small business owners, are you interested in selling! No! What about for the right price? Small businesses are getting unsolicited calls asking these questions. However, these unsolicited callers might have little interest helping you sell. The goal can be to generate fees “helping” the business create fancy looking reports. While these reports are required to sell a business, an accountant can prepare these reports for under the $40,000 these unsolicited callers might charge.



WANTED -- Calhoun County school teacher lady, 30s, attractive and shapely, with car and house, for wife. Send address and photo to: E.J. King, 4167 Yellow Creek Road, Big Bend, WV 26136. I’m 51, SWM, 136 lbs. School teacher ladies reply.    7/27





June 19 - June 21, 1997


Please, God, make them remember

that today is a special birthday.

Make them understand that the

memories don’t go away.

Bless them, with ears to hear and

hearts that care.

Enable them to listen while I share.

Shelter them that they may never

know my pain.

Help them to help me know that

my child’s life was not in vain.

Help them to remember, Lord, that

I wish that my child was here

So we could still celebrate.

To understand that I still feel the

nearness of my child.

To see beyond my smile and the

words, “I’m okay.”

Please, God, just let one remember

today is a special birthday.

Happy 20th birthday, Alex!

                                                        Dad, Mom and Big Brother

                                                        (Allen, Tina and Kenny)


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By Helen Morris:

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