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Are you aware that there is a movement in America to recycle older buildings for modern day use?

Do you know that these old walls can tell the story of our past?

Do you know that we have an organization called Calhoun Recreation and Development Center, Inc.? It is a group of volunteer business leaders who care about keeping Calhoun County on the map. They are planning to reopen the NYA (National Youth Administration) building as a multifunctional facility that can be used by citizens for recreation, education, fitness, history and the arts.

Some of you remember the NYA building on the Stumptown- Russett Road. Some of its uses in the past have been the training for building trades, VoAg department, basketball court, community canning center, youth camp, auditorium for plays, graduation and school concerts, and manufacturing plant for several industries.

My first experience was sleeping on a table in the VoAg shop during 4-H camp. I was a new, young teacher, so, of course, an unsuspecting recruit. I did not know that we were supposed to bring our own cot. I also led a campfire in a poison ivy patch. Yes, I was covered in calamine lotion as a result.

The public now has an opportunity to give new life to this grand old building, made of native sandstone and quarried in the neighborhood. Most of all, the facility will once again be a gathering place to provide learning and growing activities for our future generations.

A Calhoun Recreation and Development Center committee is asking for you to provide your memories, pictures and artifacts to be recorded and sent to the Chronicle before the committee meets on Thursday, Aug. 27. The information is needed to create a clear vision for the facility, with the means for funding and implementation of its goals.

This is only four weeks to search your memory. The committee will appreciate anything you can do to help with the project and help Calhoun County.

*          *          *          *          *

Calhoun County Farmer’s Market, located at Upper West Fork Park, Chloe, is alive with music, fun, food and fellowship. The excitement last week was a birthday celebration, with a little squealing pig and two baby kittens.

The lunch special was barbecue and coleslaw. Hotdogs and breakfast items are also available during market hours, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesdays. Tables are available for eating in, and take-out is also available. Lunch customers are invited to share table space with vendors, visitors and regulars. Music was provided by a trio of young ladies, Jordan Gregory, Angel Bee and Christian Baker.

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By Helen Morris:


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