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This Week In History, 2-26-15


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The following reports are taken from The Calhoun Chronicle archives:


1915, 100 years ago

A general primary election law and a corrupt practices act, including a new registration law, are in the process of becoming law.


The primary bill provides that all candidates for office, state, county and district, except circuit judges, shall be nominated at a primary, limits the expenses of such candidates, and enumerates the things for which money can be legitimately spent.


Under the registration provisions, all kinds of corruption are possible, as the listing of voters will continue up to and including the election day. If one registrar refuses to register a voter, the other may do so. An affidavit made on the day of election is prima facie evidence of the maker’s right to vote.


The present Virginia Debt Commission is discharged by the passage of House Bill 399, and a new commission with additional powers is provided for. The new commission will be composed of five members, of which, the governor will be chairman, with the power to appoint the other four, two of whom must be Republicans and two Democrats. Friction between the governor and the attorney general is said to be responsible for this new legislation upon the subject.


Mrs. J.W. Pell received word last week that her sister, Mrs. H. Huckleberry of Elkins, had received severe injuries in a fall several days ago. She is confined to a hospital there and will be for some time to come. Mrs. Pell will leave for Elkins in a few days to see her.


 1965, 50 years ago

Last week brought the announcement that the YWCA was planning an experiment in community living in the Freed area, an experiment in which both sides may benefit; that is, the people of Freed and the young people who will spend six weeks in the area.


The young people, college-age young women from large cities are going to learn a lot. It will be quite an experience for them to live in a rural area. They will learn some of the hardships and some of the joys of life in the country. We think they will benefit most from the experience.


The people of the area will benefit, too. The girls are to start some activities for children, try to provide help to the young in reading, health care, and group activities.


One of the greatest benefits to all will be getting to know someone from another place. Such a cultural exchange can be a preparation for those from our rural area who will one day migrate to a large urban area for employment.


At the same time, it can provide the people from the cities with a better under-standing of the problems of the migrants in their cities. Any exchange on this basis is worthwhile.


1990, 25 years ago

The Calhoun County Public Library received a grant from the West Virginia Library Commission of a 25-inch Samsung TV, remote control, stereo, cable ready, and a Realistic VCR, wireless remote control, four-event/two week timer. It included a five-year warranty on the TV and one-year on the VCR.


Alpha Regional Library received a gift from the MacArthur Foundation and Library of a video collection. As a member of Alpha Region, the library receives a portion of the videos for about three months.


These videos are educational and include topics on science, literature and history.

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