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Waste Not Want Not
by Judy Wolfram

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 This month, I want to talk about myths. Yes, myths. Myths about food. Myths that you have either heard about or believe.

For instance: The dark bread myth. Many people believe that color is an indication of whole grain bread and that dark bread is healthier for you. Myth: Don’t pay attention to bread color. Pay attention to the ingredients. Whole grain should be a part of the first ingredient. Look for “whole wheat flour,” for example. That’s the good stuff.

Then, there is the olive oil myth. Sure, olive oil is healthy, but it is not the only healthy oil that you can buy. There are safflower and sunflower oils that provide you with heart-protecting benefits, and are much less costly.

The myth that says, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” is a truth, not a myth. People who eat lots of “white” produce had a 52% lower stroke risk than people who did not eat any. That would be apples and pears. They are “good for you” fruit.

This is my favorite myth: the chocolate myth. You have always heard that chocolate will make you fat and give you “zits.” Not so. If eaten in moderation, dark chocolate is really full of flavonoids, which are good for you. In a recent study, it turned out that people who ate chocolate frequently had less body fat than those who didn’t. Imagine that.

So, don’t believe every myth that you hear or see, as they might just be wrong.


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