Bank Hires Branch Manager

The community of Elizabeth turned out on Monday to help welcome new Calhoun Banks branch manager Regina Jones with a Meet & Greet.

Left to right, Calhoun Banks CEO Martha Haymaker, branch manager Regina Jones, and Elizabeth mayor Bobbi Moore.

Residents stopped by to welcome Jones, along with CEO Martha Haymaker and mayor Bobbi Moore.

Moore said, “Calhoun Banks has done a lot for our community over the years and we hope to see them continue to do that. Our community is growing strong. We’ve had a lot of positives in the last few months and we hope to see that continue.”
Jones is a graduate of Parkersburg South High School, with a masters degree from West Virginia University.

She resides in the Lubeck/Parkersburg area and has been married for over 20 years with a 17-year-old son who will graduate in the spring.

Jones has approxi-mately 10 years of banking management experience. Her first day with Calhoun Banks was June 25, and she started in Elizabeth on July 20.
“My goal is for Cal-houn Banks to be a big part of the Wirt County area and service the community in the best way possible,” said Jones.

Calhoun Banks has been a part of the Eliza-beth community for over 22 years, and hopes to broaden its involve-ment.

“We are delighted to welcome Regina as our branch manager, and we wish her great success,” said Haymaker.