Board Hears Updates, Approves Personnel

By Heaven Hunter

The Calhoun County board of education held its regular meeting on Monday at 5:30 p.m.

Superintendent Kelli Whytsell gave the school safety/facilities and SBA reports: “Safe school en-trance projects at CM/HS and Pleasant Hill will be updated in August, so that they can be presented to the board in October (to get) plans moving.”

Board president Jenna Jett gave her final report as representative on the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center advisory board: “Examples of E-portfolios were emailed to council members by (director Bryan) Sterns, and (members) had be-fore them three hard copy examples of student portfolios to review.

“On May 30, (the career center) hosted a meeting for counselors, principals, and superintendents from both high schools to discuss the Alternative Learning Center and Option Pathway.

“This included the re-ferral process, placement meetings, exiting students, and special education issues.”

Jett also reported on the SBA project update: “There are currently three remaining items that need attention before the project can be finalized. Wolfe Creek Contractors has not been in contact with the center on an estimated completion date; however, the center has contacted Thrasher to make them aware.”

Jett also discussed the finalization of RESA V: “There was a whole lot of discussion about the selling of the (RESA) building. Both super-intendent Whytsell and I were under the impres-sion that we had already made the decision about how the building will be disposed of and sold.

“From what we gathered throughout the meeting, we gave permission to Glenna Heinlein to carry out the sale of the building however she sees fit.”

Board member James Gregory asked about fund distribution after the building is sold.
Jett said, “When the building is sold, money will go to the former eight counties that made up RESA V.”

The superintendent pointed out some of the new equipment that has been received from RESA V: “All of our schools now have battery backups for our radios. We will now be able to talk, if the powers out. We will still have radio service in the schools.”

Whytsell then gave the superintendent’s report, starting with a general update.
An employee cookout will be held on Tuesday, July 31, 5:30 p.m., at Calhoun County Park. Invitations have been sent out to all the administration and their families.

Whytsell spoke about backpack’s full of sup-plies for administration member’s children, as they are part of the school system: “We are a work family. We spend a lot of time with each other. Hopefully, we can make this an annual event.”

Board member Rich-ard Kirby said, “It is important that we focus on social things that we need do for each other.”

Board member acknowledgements were expressed.

Horst Motz said, “Since this is my first full session as a newly elected board member, I want to express my hope that I can be of service to the community and represent parents, students and faculty to the best of my ability under the conditions that are afforded me.

“I wish to congratulate the election of both Jenna Jett as our president, and Richard Kirby as our vice president, and I would like to thank our superintendent and setting board members for welcoming me and working as a team.”

Kirby said that he was happy to be there and to be able to work with everyone: “I hope we can continue to do the good work as a team.”

Kevin Cunningham said that he was looking forward to this next school year: “A lot of good things are going on.”

Jimmy Gregory said that he was excited to put discussions into motion and bring plans to life.

Jett said, “I am really excited for the school year, and its always so contagious to see students thriving. I am truly excited for them and all that they accomplish.”

New business items approved included the following:
–Contracts: Minnie Hamilton Health Services, School-Based Health centers; MHHS, physical therapy; Linguicare Associates, Inc., speech services; Save The Children Federation, Inc., service contract; Ashley Lilly Queen, occupational therapy; Lindsey Hull, Medicaid (MOU with Wood Co.); Appalachian Council Head Start;
Doris Weekley, special education technical and professional development support specialist; Mar-garet Bennett, ASPIRE; Amanda Hicks, com-munity schools library/media facilitator; Lorie Bailey, CSL/MF; Debra Smith, community ambas-sador; Robin Hudson, community ambassador.
–Student transfers: parent Heather Allen, pre-K and 4th grade; parent Kristina Stewart, 1st, Gilmer to Calhoun; parent Angel Butler, 10th, 11th and 12th; parent Katie Hamm, 6th and 7th, Roane to Calhoun; parent Cathy Eckman, 8th, Calhoun to Roane;
Parent Jessica McCum-bers, K, 7th, 8th and 12th, Calhoun to Ritchie; parent Kelly Morgan, pre-K; parents Richard and Paula Sontos, 10th, Calhoun to Clay; parent, April Petrovsky, 9th and 12th; parents Rachel and Josh Romage, 1st and 2nd; Donna Steigleder, 12th, Calhoun to Wirt; parents Mike and Jessie Wilson, 3rd and 6th, Calhoun to Gilmer.
–Home school re-quests: parent Charlene Hall, 4th grade; parent Jody Kerby, 4th; parent Linda McCumbers, 9th; parent Maggie Metheney, 6th; parent Kerry Money-penny, 4th; parent Rachel Perrin, 5th; parent Miranda Sampson, K; parent Lena Smith, 2nd and 4th.
–Student handbooks: Arnoldsburg Elementary, Pleasant Hill, and Calhoun Middle/High.
Among the personnel items approved were the hiring of John R. Carlisle as assistant principal at Calhoun Middle/High School and Morgan Allen as an elementary teacher at Arnoldsburg.

Additional personnel approved were:
–Employment: service, Rusty Richards, custodian III, (schools and central office); extra-curricular, coaches, Kara Groves, varsity volleyball; Court-ney Williams, $1 assistant varsity volleyball;

After-School: Mathew Taylor, Virginia Judy and Lindsey McHenry, substitute tutor teachers, county; Ashley Fox, Angie Sims, Scott Golinsky, tutor teachers, PHS; Kristie Ritchie, site coordinator/tutor, PHS; Sarah Lane, site coordinator/tutor, CM/HS; Kelley Sampson, site coordinator/tutor, AES;

James Snyder, auto-motive instructor, Career Center; Jonathan McCor-mick, TSA instructor, CM/HS; Michael Mc-Henry, percussion ensem-ble/applied music theory teacher, CM/HS; Emily Ramezan, aquaponics teacher, CM/HS; Adam O’Harrow, fitness and health training teacher, CM/HS; Craig Arthur, power and energy instructor, CM/HS;
Kelsey Jett, Deborah Toppings, Brandi Samp-son, tutor teachers, CM/HS; Andrea Bailey, Renita Benson, Jacob McCum-bers, tutor teachers, AES; Tim Abel, Frank Bever, bus operators/activity run, North; Joseph Taylor, bus operators/activity run, South; Michael Jackson, hunter safety-personal safety instructor, CM/HS.

Substitute service per-sonnel: bus operators, Charles O’Neal, Carlena Whited, Saundra Ballen-gee, Timothy Hickman, Mitchell Morgan, Richard Trites; custodians: Car-lena Whited, Saundra Ballengee, Charles Wago-ner, Bernard Miller, Stephen Sams; cooks, Garalea Elswick, Sheila Hall, Linda Hall, Carlena Whited, Tiffany Oldham; paraprofessionals: Megan Cain, Patsy Kisner, Nancy Taylor, Mildred Arnold; LPN, Jeannie Garrett.

Substitute professional personnel: teachers, Maria Arnold, Andrea Bailey, Margaret Bennett, Julia Bettis, Shirley Chenoweth, Jessica Cosgrove, Brittney Cummings, Carrol Dye, Loyle Fortney, James Garretson, Sandra Harding, Sarah Harper, Lynda Haywood-Dill, Melissa Jarvis, Terry Jones, Virginia Judy, Rick Kinder, Karen Kirby, Gary Knight, Patty Mangus, Jeremy March, Melba Jean Miller, Jo Moellendick, Sharon Pitts, Anthony Richards, Shelly Stewart, Michael Stump, Jennifer Walsh, Doris Weekley, Bessie Welch, Betty Westfall, Janice Westfall.

Expulsion reviews were held for students identified as 2017-18-03, 2017-18-05, 2017-18-11 and 2017-18-02.

Adjournment was at 6:45 p.m.

During the board’s work session at 4 p.m., members discussed the financial budget, special levy and bond elections, board and superintendent goals, and policy manual and revisions.

Future board meeting dates include:
Monday, Aug. 13, 5:30 p.m., Mt. Zion office; work session, 4:00.
Monday, Sept. 10, 5:30 p.m., Mt. Zion office; work session, 4 p.m.
Monday, Oct. 15, 5:30 p.m., Mt. Zion board office.