Commissioners Discuss Pipeline, Road Conditions

by Bill Bailey

The Calhoun county commission met in regular session on Monday in the courthouse little court-room at 9 a.m.

Pine Creek resident Virginia Simmons started the meeting by informing commissioners of the deplorable condition of Pine Creek Road (county road 35/12).

She said that the school buses will not run the middle section of the road, because the pot holes are so deep that they can cause severe damage to vehicles.

Simmons alleged that the road broke the frame on her Subaru this year, because the holes are so bad.

The commissioners told Simmons that they would see if there was anything they could do, and that they would inform the highway department of this and also the bad road conditions on the Sand Ridge end of Crummies Creek Road (county road 5/7) in the southern end of the county.

The TransCanada pipe-line was discussed twice–once about the outlook for tax revenue that will not start coming in until the compressor station goes online, possibly next year.

The second mention was a waterline project (paid for by TransCanada) to provide water from Pleasant Hill PSD to the compressor site, the details of which should be determined sometime this week.

Seth Ulderich gave the home confinement report, which stated that there were 10 persons on con-finement in August with no problems, and that one person had finished home confinement.

Julie Sears, OES and 911 director, gave the following report of calls in August: Grantsville Police Dept. 11; Sheriff, 85; State Police, 109; DNR, 3; Grantsville VFD, 12; Upper West Fork VFD, 3; Arnoldsburg VFD, 4; Minnie Hamilton Health System, 15; Calhoun County EMS, 60.

Halloween committees had submitted email requests for monetary assistance for parties for children. Commissions allotted $200 each to the two committees for a total of $400.

Superintendent of schools Kelli Whytsell spoke to the commission concerning the PRO officer for the school. She said that, while they were still in the early stages of the project, progress was being made.

She said that a major requirement for the grant was that the officer had to be “certified” in order to be considered for the position. She said that she hoped to have the PRO officer in the system by the first of the year.

Horst Motz updated the commission on the broadband progress that his committee has made so far, which is still in its infancy. He said that they had received bids, and that there will be more on the project soon.

Commissioners said that they had yet to receive many complaints about the lack of availability for fast internet, or any internet at all, from citizens of the county. They asked that complaints be submitted to them.

Commissioners passed a resolution to recognize October as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

The meeting adjourned at 9:56 a.m. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 9 a.m.