Grants Support CCCOA, PHS

LKACF grantee representatives included, left to right, Sarah Tingler and Amy Nicholas of Pleasant Hill School, Robin Spencer of Gilmer Public Library, and Brenda Sisson of Calhoun County Committee on Aging.

The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and its affiliates have an-nounced fall grants to support organizations in their service areas.
Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation awarded $3,050 in Cal-houn:
Calhoun County Com-mittee on Aging: $2,000 from Little Kanawha Grantmaking Fund for computer upgrades, en-abling the organization to better serve clients and meet reporting needs from funding sources.
Pleasant Hill School: $1,050 from LKGF and the Edna Yoak Robinson Fund for lighting the quarter-mile track at the school used by students for physical education classes and by the public for fitness.
Affiliates held a recep-tion at Doddridge County Park on Tuesday, Nov. 27 and announced additional grants, including $5,990 to the Committee on Aging and $3,974 to Pleasant Hill School.