Heartwood To Present ‘Ears, Eyes, Legs, Arms’

The Arms, part of Heartwood in the Hill’s “Ears,
Eyes, Legs and Arms.”

“Ears, Eyes, Legs, and Arms” is a perennial Heartwood in the Hills theatre event, based on an African fairy tale, first performed in 1995 at The Children’s Memorial Peace Festival and again at the school’s 2004 December Celebration.

Boys and girls ages 10 and up are invited to join the team. Participa-tion information is available at www.heart woodinthehills.org. Call 354-7874 or email heart woodwv@frontiernet.net.

Heartwood In the Hill’s spring program of classes begins Saturday,
Heartwood is a non-profit school for the arts located north of Grantsville, off Rt. 16 at Five Forks. The address is 229 Heartwood Lane, Big Bend, WV 26136.