Local Resident Patsy Kisner Publishes Second Poetry Book

Finishing Line Press has announced the forth-coming publication of Last Days of an Old Dog, a collection of 53 new poems by Patsy Kisner of Sycamore.

Award-winning author Steve Scafidi said, “The classical restraint of this poet makes for a grand poetry of observation and desire. Ghosts and lost horses wander these pages where the reader is always at ‘the center of a wheel.’

“Each poem in Last Days of an Old Dog embodies a graceful quickness that I admire. Kisner sets everything in motion here, as slightly as a breeze in a wind chime, and yet in poem after poem, she makes the forest sway and bend. Hurray for this lovely book!”

Last Days of an Old Dog is Kisner’s second collection of poetry. Inside the Horse’s Eye was released in 2016.

Her poems have also appeared in literary jour-nals, such as Spoon River Poetry Review and Shelia-Na-Gig, and selected for Red Moon Anthology.

Patsy is the daughter of the late Bob and Margarete Morgan of Grantsville. She graduated from CCHS in 1981 and received a BA in education from Glenville State College in 1984.
She resides at Syca-more with her husband Phil. They are the parents of two daughters, Mary, now deceased, and Maria.

To order the book, visit www.finishinglinepress and search under forth-coming titles.