Openings Available Summer Boost Express, Save the Children Open

Energy Express mentors welcomed students to Arnoldsburg Elementary School on Monday: seated, Autumn Jones; standing, left to right, Adrianne Shimer, Brandi Whited, Taylor Nicholas, Caroline McCumbers, Makayla Smith and Miranda Farmer.

By Makayla Smith,
Community Coordinator for Energy Express

Energy Express men-tors spent much of the previous week preparing their rooms for the kickoff of Summer Boost Express on Monday at Arnoldsburg Elementary School.

There are four returning mentors and three new mentors ready to have a fun-filled summer of doing art, writing, recreation, and one-on-one reading with children.

Mentors used their imaginations to create camping, space, circus, under the sea, and Hawaii-themed classrooms for the students to enjoy.

If your child is looking for something fun to do this summer, there is still room available for them to join. Also, older children and adults can email, call Arnoldsburg school, 655-8616, or stop in at the school, if they are interested in volunteering.

Following Energy Ex-press, the children are invited to stay until 3:30 p.m. for the “Save the Children Program,” which focuses on giving children a “healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm.”

Save the Children in-corporates math, science, reading, and recreation to make sure that the chil-dren stay on top of their game over the summer months.

Each Thursday after-noon, the children will have an opportunity to take part in a “farmer’s market” experience to provide them knowledge on the importance of nutrition.