School Celebrates Developmental Theme

Calhoun County Schools implemented a new K-12 Developmental Guidance Program during the 2017-18 school year, and it has continued into 2018-19.

According to school officials, it has been designed specifically with Calhoun County Schools in mind. The program’s intent is for all students to receive instruction based on their developmental level, using the same theme that makes the program universal throughout grade levels and leading to conversations among students and families.
The skills presented are the building blocks for social, emotional, be-havioral, and community health.

Each month, the theme will be displayed on a bulletin board at Pleasant Hill School, created by Amy Cottrell, school counselor, and students. One class of students will report the positives that they see that connect with the theme for the month.

In September, the theme was “Mindfulness.” An assembly was held by Katie Hamm, school psychologist, to kick off the monthly theme, and students participated in weekly activities.

Katelyn Hardway’s first graders explained what they think mindfulness means: “Mindfulness means you be nice to people and think before you do it,” said Brady Miller, and “Playing with my sister helps me calm down, so I can make mindful choices,” said Lexie McCune.

Britni Price’s first grade students did some breathing activities to learn how to calm down after becoming upset, and talked about how they should think about what is happening before overreacting.