Students Complete Fifth Week

Caroline McCumber’s class members are shown with the pots they painted at Summer Boost Express. Left to right are Lydia Starcher, Olivia Sarratori, mentor Caroline McCumbers, Danika Starcher and Tyler Stout.

By Makayla Smith,
Community Coordinator for Energy Express

During the fifth week of Summer Boost Express, we celebrated “Com-munity Week.” Mentors read the take-home books “Swimmy” and “The Three Questions.”

During writing class, children wrote poems and their favorite traits about their community. In art, the groups made community service member dolls, used borax to make slime, and painted their own flower pots.

In the afternoon, the mentors continued doing GIRP, building things with legos in STEM, and practicing area and perimeter in math.

In nutrition, Nancy Bremar and Tina Persinger gave a nutrition lesson and passed out produce to the children. Bremar brought homemade vegetable dip, along with cucumbers, carrots and celery, for the children to try.

On Friday, we took a trip to the Clay Center in Charleston, where the children explored the different galaxies and watched a film in the planetarium.

The theme for the last week of Energy Express is “Making Our World a Better Place.”