Students Harvest Plants

Teacher Scott Golinsky helps students harvest bok choy and romaine lettuce. From left clockwise are Emma Ackley, Lexie McCune, Landry Bunch, Auston Sims, Farnie Williams, Alexandra Dickson, Scott Golinsky and Clayton Freshour.
Bret Richards is shown with his 1.75 lb. bok choy.

Pleasant Hill School students harvested their first crop grown in the high tunnel on Nov. 14. Students planted bok choy and romaine lettuce on Oct. 15. They watered and weeded weekly and kept a record of the growing rate of their plants. The plants produced the following:

romaine bok choy
PreK 1 lb. 0 lb.
K 2.5 lb. 0 lb.
1st 1.5 lb. 2.25 lb.
2nd 1 lb. 0 lb.
3rd 1 lb. 4.25 lb.
4th 1.5 lb. 4.5 lb.

Bret Richards grew the biggest plant, a bok choy that weighed 1.75 lbs.