Summer Boost Express Ends

By Makayla Smith,
Community Coordinator for Energy Express

The final week of Summer Boost Express has come to a close.

Kruz Brenneman and Kynlee Brenneman play a game at the Clay Center in Charleston, as part of the Summer Boost Express program.

We had a wonderful summer full of fun and new experiences.

In the last week, the kids read their take home book “Fish is Fish” and “The Great Kapok Tree.”

We celebrated the theme, “Make My World a Better Place.”

In writing, students wrote their favorite things about our world and ways they can improve it. In art, they finished their flower pots and made chain cater-pillars.

We went to North Bend State Park for our last field trip. The kids went on a hike, caught things in the creek, and swam in the pool.

On Friday, we had a talent show. The kids expressed their talent by singing, dancing, and performing skits.

They also played board games, watched a movie in the afternoon, and ate ice cream.
We would like to thank everyone who made this summer run smoothly and to the parents for allowing their children to be a part of such a wonderful program. We can’t wait for next summer and we hope the students have a wonderful school year.