Town Council Meets; Listens To Complaints, Approves First Reading Of Sewer Increase

Council members Judy Powell, Dorothy McCauley, Linda Jarvis and Cheryl Cheesbrew heard from half a dozen residents of Grantsville during Monday’s 4 p.m. meeting.

The citizens alleged illegal drug dealings, houses not being maintained, harassment, trash and garbage that stinks, the need for street repairs, and lack of law enforcement, especially at night.

Two of the women in attendance reported that they had guns, and said they would defend themselves, if needed.

In other matters, council ap-proved the following:

–The first reading for a sewer rate increase (second reading will be at the Tuesday, Sept. 4, meeting) ;
–Employee handbook correction/clarification on holiday overtime pay;
–Drawdown on the sewer improvement project of $17,772.56.
According to an information sheet made available, the following are examples of the 12.5% sewer rate increase:
Present Increase
Minimum Bill $22.23 $25.01
2,000 gallons $27.04 $30.42
5,000 gallows $55.90 $62.88
8,000 gallows $84.76 $95.34
At 4:34, council went into executive session for the discussion of personnel. After coming out of the session, the meeting adjourned at 5:03.