Summer Program Off To Good Start

Bob Bailey (right) reads to Miranda Farmer’s class at Summer Boost Express. Students include, left to right, clockwise, Tyler Butler, Bethany White, Vision Coon, Izzy Cronin, Trevor Butler and Brody Richards.

By Makayla Smith,
Community Coordinator for Energy Express

The first week of Summer Boost Express was a success. Each mentor kicked off the week with a welcome activity, recreation, writing, one-on-one reading, art, and read aloud.

In art, the students drew themselves for “Myself” week. The take home books were “Chrysanthemum” and “Bear and Duck.”

For welcome activities, each student had an opportunity to tell the class a little about themselves. The older groups named off personality traits that described themselves and their friends.

Olivia Sarratori and Allison Harris hold their bags full of fresh produce and other items from local farmer’s markets and provided by the Save the Children program.

Save the children programs begin in the afternoon. Students go through four rotations: reading, nutrition, math, and STEM.

For nutrition, Nancy Bremar and Tina Persinger brought fresh produce for the children to take home and provided them a recipe for homemade fresh salsa.

In STEM, the kids played with robots. In math and reading, they took pre-tests to see where they stand. It allows us to see if they improve over the summer.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, call Arnoldsburg Elementary, 655-8616, or email